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KiBu Gaming Corporation, founded in 2019, is operating on an exclusive license to provide the flagship game CARRÉJOUE. In addition, the license allows us to create and operate additional games based on the proprietary game system.

A Fan's game, also known as CARRÉ or square play, uses the on-field action of popular sports to create more excitement and personal attachment to our teams.

The game patent is pending internationally, through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and in the United States through the United States Patent and Trademark Organization (USPTO). Additional patents are planned for Japan, China, Europe and Australia.

Our vision is to operate the game in national, regional, local and private markets.

National – Country by country where legal, for example - Las Vegas, NV.

Regional – state by state whereby, like the state lottery, only residents and visitors within the state are allowed to participate or consortiums of Native American nations.

Local – Stadiums, arenas, fields, etc. where the event the game is based on is being played.
Only attendees to the game are allowed to participate.

Private – Friends, companies, sports bars, etc. can operate their own game limiting the participation according to their needs.

For more details about Carrejoue, click here, or to open an account, click here.

So far it is developed for –
American Football
NCAA March Madness  – tournaments with 50 or more games are playable

We anticipate adding more sports in the future, so please check back often or subscribe for updates by clicking here.

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Robert Bugh, the game creator and member of the patent company, is our President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He has an Electrical Bachelor of Science and Engineering (BSE) from Arizona State University in 1992. Also an Accounting Bachelor of Business (BB) from Arizona State University in 1997. He sat for one of the last paper-proctored Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exams and past it the first time. He has operated his own small public accounting practice, Southwest ACT, PLLC, in the state of Arizona for nearly 20 years.

He grew up playing games of all types. His father taught him pari-mutuel betting at the age of about 12. He has fond memories of going to the dog racetrack and watching the dogs run while dad bet, giving dad his two cents worth of course.

His mother's dad, "Grandpa," taught him about sports: throwing batting practice, running routes, blocking, throwing passes, hitting flies and ground balls. Robert played various sports through Junior High.

Despite discovering music and pursuing those aspirations, he always enjoyed betting and watching sports. He still enjoys Scrabble, various other board games, betting and watching sports.